Happiness....Or How To Bring Delight To A Persons Soul

Happiness....Or How To Bring Delight To A Persons Soul

It’s a Saturday afternoon tradition for so many.

Although, in these days of obscene amounts of money and television and media control of the highest levels fixtures, it could just as easily be a Thursday evening or late Sunday morning thing.

But whatever the day or time, I was reminded at the weekend of the joy that a football match can bring to those invested in the future success of one of the teams. A good performance, a positive result and the collective excitement of being part of something bigger than themselves, in addition to having a connection with thousands of otherwise complete strangers, well, in that moment it’s a sense of pure, unadulterated happiness.

Tears of relief, punching the air in celebration or hugging someone, anyone, wearing the same colours as you, they are just as beautiful in their own way as anything else that has the ability to move or bring delight to a person’s soul.

And to those that may not understand or appreciate the intense feelings associated with sport, I urge you to give it a go and feel it for yourself. It’s a very real thing.

Of course, sport is a perfect and obvious metaphor for life in almost every way. The important sense of belonging and of being part of a group. The acceptance of the inevitable bad times and the desire to constantly look forward and work towards creating better and more successful moments. And, if you support a team like mine, the almost fatalistic acceptance that you will never win much but boy, are you determined to enjoy any positive results or good days out when they come along.

So when I decided to take a few photographs on Saturday this post was already forming in my mind. I could see the colours and the action and the simple power of the images in front of me, but it also reminded me of the important and uplifting part that this all plays in my life.

And in the lives of so many others, irrespective of the teams or sports that they chose to follow.

My team had a great result. There was plenty of singing and shouting on Saturday. And the joy surrounding me was palpable. In the ground, on the walk to the station and on the train home.

And also in the pub afterwards.

And what made it even better were the positive feelings that one good day can bring after a long run of very average or even bad days. For a football fan it really can be that simple.

As in football, so in life.

It’s no bad thing to remember and understand that happiness is achievable and within our grasp, whatever the timing or circumstances. We just sometimes need to find a little encouragement to help us see it.


A Smile Is Still A Smile

A Smile Is Still A Smile