Living My Best Life

Living My Best Life

2018 has been a good year.

Back in February I decided to try and push myself more. To focus on doing things that are important to me. To be proactive and recognise that life does not last forever.

And I've done a lot. Visited new countries and other new places closer to home. Embraced my love of art. Challenged myself to take more photographs on a regular basis. And, perhaps scariest of all, I have tried to write and see if I could find a voice for myself. So I started to run this blog and website.

To quote my new and probably very heavily borrowed mantra, I wanted to try to live my best life.

All told, a short but reasonably accurate summary of my year. But give me specifics, I hear you ask.

So, in no particular order, here is a list of my top 10 “She Called This Idyllic”memories of 2018.

1) Sunsets, street art and freezing cold winds in Whitstable as the Beast from the East gave us its Siberian best.

2) Stunning classical and cool street art, hot walks and shady parks in Madrid.

3) Our long, very hot British summer.

4) Wonderful landscapes in the Tuscan mountains.

5) My favourite music festival in Crystal Palace.

6) A thought provoking and emotional movie in the wild Brighton weather.

7) Amazing sculpture in the Farnham countryside.

8) Ponies, boats and walks in and around the New Forest.

9) The quiet, late night streets of London.

10) Solace and reflection in a Sussex graveyard.

And, of course, to support these memories I feel it’s only right to also share a few of my favourite photographs from the year.



And beautiful memories.

That sounds like a good way to be living a life that promises nothing yet offers so much to those that have the desire and drive to seek it out.

Living my best life.

New Art. New Artists. Same Old Glorious London

New Art. New Artists. Same Old Glorious London

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