I Could Bite Tracey Emin

I Could Bite Tracey Emin

Walk the streets more often.

That would be my advice to anyone wanting to open their eyes and to see beneath the surface of their normal, everyday world.

Wherever you find yourself. No matter the country or city or village. Get outside and walk the streets.

Walk the streets and look upwards. Look sideways. Even look down sometimes.

Anywhere in fact, other than right in front of you.

For when you start looking it is amazing what you can find. Reflections. In windows and puddles, maybe even in windscreens. Colours. The most amazing detail in posters, advertisements and even throwaway flyers. Street art. Architecture. Even people themselves.

Or maybe just the weird and wonderful.


Especially look out for the weird and wonderful.

For things we don't see are everywhere.


Find them. Enjoy them. Keep them to yourself and savour the secret. Or stop the traffic and shout, tell the world and take photos.

Seek and be brave.

Collect your Cool Chimp or your deliciously hip and discretely hidden Hardy. Find an original Regents Remoulds or a delighfully camp guardsman.

And when you find that “I could bite Tracey Emin” is actually a thing, know that a hidden in plain sight, world of weirdness is there for the taking.

And all you have to do is to decide how badly you want it.

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