The Importance Of People Showing Kindness And Inner Beauty

The Importance Of People Showing Kindness And Inner Beauty

“Beauty is everywhere if you are prepared to look for it”

A quote from me, written when I started this site.

And to all intents and purposes, that is the very essence of what I try to share in the photographs and words I post here.

The beauty in our lives that we often fail to notice.

But sometimes, when we do notice, we find it in people rather than just in the places and things that surround us. And the beauty that we see within another person, however it is shared or noticed, can often be the most meaningful and important.

I am feeling that way at the moment.

Let me explain.

Next week I am walking for something I believe in. I am walking to help raise mental health awareness and, more specifically, the issue of male suicide.

In my post Evelyn, back in December, I shared some statistics from CALM, a charity working to reduce the horrific number of male suicides in the UK. Latest figures suggest that these have increased and that there are, on average, 84 men that die by suicide every week.

This is why it is important to ensure that men understand that it is OK to talk about their feelings.

And it is also why I am seeing the beauty of the people actively spreading this message at the moment.

I don't know anyone else that is doing this walk. We have never met. It has all been arranged on-line. By people wanting to make a difference.

I am just following their lead.

But as I find out more about those involved I am seeing so much that I admire. These people care about others. They desperately want to raise awareness of the cruel and heartbreaking mental illnesses that cause others to believe that suicide is the only way out.

People that have the best interests of others at heart despite, or more likely because of, their own mental health challenges. And I find myself thinking how inspirational they are.

What these people are doing is awesome.

And I use the word very carefully and specifically.

All being well I will meet them next week and I am looking forward to it very much. Hopefully I will write more after the walk. But right now, these are people showing their kindness and inner beauty and it feels important to me that I recognise them for what they are doing and share it here.

Whilst I have no specific photographs to illustrate this post, I share a small selection of other beautiful people I have photographed doing things that make a difference.

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