And Then I Remembered Some Recent Feedback

And Then I Remembered Some Recent Feedback

I quite like this photograph.

I took it at a recent gig.

And the other day I thought, I should really think about sharing it on my blog. It is after all a little different to what I normally post here. But then I wondered, if I do, what will I write to go with it.

Something about people perhaps?

Logical I guess. And I would like to think that I could take a photograph of people and make some kind of meaningful and relevant point that could relate to the image.

Perhaps a piece about people in our modern world never resting, always busy and on the go? And the need to slow down and find calm.

Maybe a timely metaphor about our apparently disorganised and disintegrating country, where everyone appears to be pulling in different directions, with a subtle, political nod towards Brexit? And balance it with a mention of the importance of listening to the views of others without taking offence.

Or perhaps a reference to our society that seems to lack reasonable levels of inclusivity and general acceptance of those that are not white and upper or middle class? And then comment on how empathy and an understanding of others situations and challenges whilst creating positive change could help.

Yep. All ideas worth considering, although a little dull.

And then I remembered some recent feedback. From perhaps my most honest critic.

Her words.

“I like your posts but some can be a little, well, gushing at times.”



Always important to take on board feedback when it’s offered.

So anyway.

Here is a photograph that I took at a recent gig.

I hope you like it.

But Whatever You Can Find, Take It

But Whatever You Can Find, Take It

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Permission To Relax And Breathe Again