Nature Calls At Times Of Crisis

Nature Calls At Times Of Crisis

Nature calls at times of crisis.

When my world feels more challenging than usual and my confidence levels are running low, it is nature that offers the only escape route worth considering.

I frequently write and share images of my everyday yet beautiful world on this blog. In my very normal life, nature is a source of inspiration. And also my solace when needed.

It is there for everyone if they just take the time to notice and engage.

For me, times of crisis sharpen this view. Such moments allow me to see nature much clearer in many ways, whilst hopefully blurring a little the part of my life that has brought me to this point.

These are the times when I feel I should not be around people. No matter how good or inspirational or kind they may be. And these are also the times when my self-esteem sees only what it chooses to see and finds nothing but its own version of the truth.

That's how I am feeling right now.

They say that it's good to talk about how you are feeling. I would normally agree. But success is not guaranteed and sharing with those closest to you always carries risk.

And when I allow myself to get this low, and the option of help has disappeared, that's when I feel the need for nature the most.

When I need to walk away from people and their views of me and immerse myself in the calming effects of all that surrounds me.



And always non-judgemental.

The power of a spring walk through the woods and fields; the scent, the colours, the birdsong.

It confirms my place in the world so much more effectively than words ever could. It ties me into nature and the universe. And, if I am lucky, it fills my heart and my mind with a reason powerful enough to allow me to carry on for one more day. And often that’s all we can hope for.

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