The Beauty Of Scotland In The Sunshine Is Way Beyond Subjective

The Beauty Of Scotland In The Sunshine Is Way Beyond Subjective

Beauty is subjective.

Something that I find fascinating and exquisite may well leave you completely cold and underwhelmed. A wonderful view, a pretty face or even an act of kindness or devotion is always open to opinion and interpretation.

I love it.

You don't.

And in many ways that is good, for it allows everyone and everything an opportunity to find admiration and appreciation somewhere.

However, there are some things that are beyond subjective when it comes to beauty. In fact, they are so far beyond that to even ask the question is likely to appear patronising or insulting.

And I have no desire to do either in this blog.

So I have decided not to try to quantify any of the things that we discovered or photographed on our recent holiday in Scotland.

I will simply share the facts.

We visited the Pentland Hills just outside Edinburgh and stayed on the highest inhabited sheep farm in southern Scotland. We arrived to find flooding and very heavy fog.

But after the fog had lifted, the sun came out.

We walked across hills and moors that were almost deserted and felt like we were the only people around for miles.

And the sun still shone.

We took a trip through the Trossachs National Park and found mountains and lochs but very few people.

In the sunshine.

We visited Glencoe and Rannoch Moor and took a drive on the celebrated A82 which runs from Glasgow to Fort Williams. We stopped, frequently, took photographs and spent time at the Glencoe visitor centre.

In 26 degrees of heat.

In Scotland.

No subjective opinions. No questions or comments. No debate or review.

Now take a look for yourselves.

The beauty of Scotland in the sunshine is way beyond subjective.

It just is.

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