Entertaining Quirks Of Random People

Entertaining Quirks Of Random People

I think you can only truly get the measure of a person when they feel able to show themselves as they really are. And when they feel comfortable enough to do that, it shouldn’t matter at all what others think of them.

All that matters is that they are being honest with themselves. Being authentic. A situation that many of us struggle with I suspect.

And I was reminded of this during a rather entertaining experience whilst out and about last week.

Of course, I know that I will be indulging in a little stereotyping here, but I do so simply to make my point. And maybe just a little for my own entertainment, for which I apologise.

Picture the scene. It is the middle of a working day. In a smart Surrey cafe. Full of people who clearly have no work commitments or time pressures.

On a table behind us, four people. Well dressed, nicely spoken and all over the age of 50. But only one person actually speaking.

Neville's wife.

And Neville's wife was in full flow. We couldn't help but listen.

Neville is absolutely adamant about that and I agree with him. I am just far too busy to be doing things like that.”

I looked at Neville and Neville looked at me, but of course it's not a private school, is it?”

Really? I mean, Neville and I said, he hasn't really aged has he, he has always had short hair on top but it is always so immaculately kept.”

Oh, we do laugh about it, Neville and I!”

The story of the world according to Neville and the dominance of his wifes personality made us laugh and want to shout, “no, we are not like these people!”

It was remarkable that in a relatively short monologue we managed to hear about Michael Gove, private schools in Guildford, a weekday walk around a rather pleasant vineyard, redecorating the garage and Bill Nicholson (Google him).

The skill of the speaker in not allowing anyone to join in or share their views whilst simultaneously enjoying a cup of Earl Grey was impressive.

And of course that is the point of me sharing this.

We are not all alike.

Even though we may not want to be the same as many of the people we meet, it is good to acknowledge and accept our differences.

Whilst also enjoying the often entertaining quirks of the random people we encounter, of course. For it really would be a very boring world if we were all the same.

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