Today Anyone Of Us Could Save A Life

Today Anyone Of Us Could Save A Life

I wrote a post a short while ago about people doing positive things to help others in need. And I made the connection that in doing so these people are showing their inner beauty as well as their kindness.

I see this even clearer this week.

This week we have had “Time To Talk” day.

A day to encourage people to reach out and to talk, to show a little human kindness and to give others an opportunity to chat about how they may be feeling. I cannot stress enough how important this could be. For someone finding things difficult or struggling with their mental health it could literally be a life saver.

Today, any one of us could save a life.

Think about that.

Last weekend I completed the walk that I had previously mentioned. It was arranged by some wonderful people to help raise the profile of mental health issues.

And to encourage men to talk to each other.

It was only 70 people. Walking and talking and demonstrating a willingness to listen. It was easy to do (and I mean no disrespect to those that spent their time making the arrangements) but it also felt significant and timely.

It was organised by football supporters from opposing local clubs, but in some ways that was largely irrelevant. It helped with the publicity but to me, the most important aspect was that it was arranged by people wanting to help.

The day reflected the general mood. Positive and supporting.

And the weather didn't let anyone down. Cold, clear and sunny. Perfect.

Some people show their kindness in a way that is as beautiful as the most idyllic of locations. This could easily be applied to many of the people I met on the walk.

I would love to be able to make such a difference: to be able to listen more effectively and to be more supportive. It seems to me like a good and important thing to aim for.

Aspirational yet achievable.

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